Hello! I'm Jazel.

I am a designer with experience on building web apps. I enjoy doing illustrations from time to time!

A searchable fish database

One of the things I built quite a few times is a searchable library.

Using Nookipedia API and fuse.js, here's a simple searchable wiki for the water creatures in Animal Crossing (New Horizons).

in game photo
Sells for 200 bells
Located in Seas
Shadow size Small
"I caught an anchovy! Stay away from my pizza!"
Catching the fishes...🐟🐠🐑


I tried to copy the appearance of my screen and show some of the software I use when working! I picked the ones I use most.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

My current editor! Friendship ended with PHPStorm (I am broke), Sublime and Notepad++, now, VSCode is 🀝 my best friend.
Plugins I use: Prettier, Svelte for VS Code, Tailwind CSS Intellisense
selected app indicator

Mini component library

A robust house is built with good foundation, so I worked on a few components before working on everything else on this website.


Accent buttons

Secondary buttons

Outline buttons


You can also close the dropdown menu when you press escape key or click outside it.

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